Last update 11/09/2014

Thank you very much for your interest and support.

This is the place were you can donate a small amount of your hard earned money. All donation will be used for better hardware configuration and faster server. HD-parts is getting more visitors from month to month and we already have to look for a faster server with higher bandwidth.

HD-parts was born for the Harley community in October 2013, we don't have any sponsors or investors, we believe in the power of the many, rather than the power of the few. If you arn't able to donate that is also fine, feel free to use hd-parts as often as you like or need.

Currently we accept bitcoin but if you interested to donate through any other virtual currency please get in touch.

Again, thank you for your support.

Ride Safe!


Donation in 2014:

January donation: 53 usd...4 usd transfered to Feb. ...Paid.

February doantion so far 38 usd...2 usd left! ...Paid.

March doantion:39 usd...6 usd left! ...Paid

April doantion so far 10 usd...35 usd left!

May,June,July,September,October...314 USD